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Links to Other Sites: Journals, Databases, etc.
Concerning Logic and Related Areas: Philosophy, Informatics, AI, etc.

Some sites specially related to CALCULEMUS - Science Vertical Portal

  1. Formalized Mathematics - The journal reporting on a database of mathematical theorems and their proofs, automatically checked and organized with the system MIZAR; University in Bialystok.

  2. Bulletin of the Section of Logic edited by the Department of Logic, University of Lodz, Poland. Editor-in-Chief: Grzegorz Malinowski.

  3. Biography and Bibliography of the eminent Polish logician Jerzy Slupecki, the co-author (with Ludwik Borkowski) of inferential logic which essentially influenced the system of automated proof-checking MIZAR (cp. above).

  4. Informatica - An International Journal of Computing and Informatics - Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  5. Polish Philosophy Page - University of Catania, IT, Francesco Coniglione.

  6. Philosophia Analytica in Polonia, University of Warsaw, Poland.

  7. PSYCHE - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness.

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  8. Alta Vista
  9. MetaCrawler.
  10. Yahoo - Arts: Humanities: Philosophy: Logic: Journals.
    Other related sites

  11. American Philosophical Association.
  12. CALCULEMUS Project - EU collaboration in Automated Deduction, including MIZAR project.
  13. An Electronic Journal on Pure and Applied Logic - published by Oxford University Press.
  14. Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography. Compiled by David J. Chalmers, Department of Philosophy, University of California.
  15. EMIS - European Mathematical (Society) Information Services.
  16. FREGE, about - An extensive and well-organized page at Jena University, managed by W.Stelzner.
  17. Institute for Logic and Cognitive Science, Moscow, Russia.
  18. International Philosophical Preprint Exchange.
  19. Philosophical Preprint Archive.
  20. Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities - Book Series, published with Rodopi, Amsterdam. Editor-in-Chief Leszek Nowak. Includes a volume on automated deduction.
  21. The SNePS (Semantic NEtworks Processing System) Research Group. Its long-term goal is the design and construction of a natural-language-using computerized cognitive agent, and carrying out the research in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and cognitive science necessary for that endeavor. The three-part focus of the group is on knowledge representation, reasoning, and natural-language understanding and generation.
  22. The Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT) - Quarterly Electronic Journal.
  23. Sorites (electronic journal) - edited by L.Pena.

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