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Kurier Polityczny
Wrzesień 1996

Wir über uns

Successful Politics since 50 Years

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) is a people´s party which seeks to appeal to everyone in the country,. It was founded as a people´s party by Protestant and Catholic Christians, by women and men whatever social stratum or grouping they belonged to.

Our policy is based on Christian values. The intellectual and political roots lie in the Christian resistance to the Nazi-regime of terror, in the social ethics of the Christian churches, and in the liberal tradition of the European Enlightenment. With a declaration of belief in Man´s untouchable dignity and freedom, the founders of CDU laid the ethical foundation of Christian democratic politics.

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany was founded in 1945 by people who wished to shape Germany´s future with a Christian, non-denominational people´s party. The party was influenced by people such as Andreas Hermes, Jakob Kaiser, Karl Arnold, Ernst Lemmer, Helene Weber, Gebhard Müller, Heinrich Krone, Leo Schwering, Christine Teusch and Konrad Adenauer. Thus a new people´s party was born which brought together Catholics and Protestants, conservatives, liberals, proponents of Christian-social ideas, and men and women from various regions and all social classes and democratic traditions. On a basis of shared values certain standards were achieved in the free part of Germany. First the CDU developed in the "Länder"-level and later on a national level.

Initially founded by men and women of honor, the CDU in the Soviet Occupation Zone - later called the GDR - was gradually crushed by the wheels of the totalitarian regime. At the grassroots of CDU many members were able to retain their integrity and independence and felt obliged to the founders´ ideals.

The building of the Federal Republic of Germany is connected insolubly with the CDU and her first chairman Konrad Adenauer. The CDU had prepared all important decisions of the young democracy and carried them through politically. Konrad Adenauer´s policy of reconciliation and the European unification have made Germany to an international accepted and reliable partner.

Ludwig Erhard and the CDU set the course for social market economy including an exemplarily economic upturn. „Prosperity for all" became the central idea. The introduction of dynamic pension, the equalization of burdens, extensive housing - to enumerate only a few CDU´s political successes, which led to a high degree of prosperity and social fairness (justice?). Helmut Kohl followed up and continued since 1982 this successful policy.

On the foundation of Christian democratic values Germany became an international reliable partner. Helmut Kohl´s reputation and the friendly connections and relations to our neighbor-countries and partners secure the contribution of freedom and peace.

„We are one people", function with Helmut Kohl in Leipzig, 14/03/1990, before the first People´s Chamber Election, 271 kByte GIF

To Live Unity

Germany entered a new epoch of history since unification. Germany´s unification was made possible by the desire of the people in eastern Germany to achieve peace, CDU´s stability and cooperation with allies, partners, and neighbors.

Helmut Kohl realized and seized what the chances were. He united our devided country in freedom and peace. The vision of Christian democratic politics came true: freedom for all German citizens. Our country´s unification is a gift to all Germans. We are finally able to realize this aim with flexibility and courage, solidarity and public spirit. We have to be able to respect different experiences and styles of life of others.

We want to walk into a common future as German Europeans and as European Germans - in responsibility for Germany and Europe.

Our Future:

Germany in Europe

CDU is member of the European People´s Party (EPP). The end of the East-West conflict created an opportunity for freedom and democracy. Our vision was and still is a free and united Germany in a free and united Europe. We look back on the longest period of freedom in later German history - our politic helped substantial. From Konrad Adenauer to Helmut Kohl decisive impetus were always given by CDU for a united Europe.

Germany´s future lies in Europe. In responsibility for Germany there is no alternative to CDU for common European politics in the spirit of partnership and friendship. Only a united Europe can secure freedom, jobs, social security, and realizes the protection of our environment cross-border.

Our politics put on tight cooperations with the European people and nations. Germany is our home and Europe our future. To create unity by variety - there lies Germany´s and Europe´s future.

We Lead Germany into the 21st century

On the threshold of the new century Germany faces many challenges. It is necessary to make Germany fit for the tasks of the next millennium.

We create an efficient and modern Germany, where the people´s creativity and talents in science and technology, in trade and industry, in craft and service can develop.

We establish a fair social Germany, which serves the common good and where human society can help to develop one´s abilities in the full.

We will make our contribution to the ecological and social market economy, to preserve God´s Creation for the following generations.

Germany´s future lies in Europe. Only a united Europe can secure freedom and peace.

In future we will follow on from tried-and-tested and will create the necessary changes - this is our vision for Germany on the threshold of the 21st century.

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