Roman Krzanowski, Paweł Polak (UPJPII)
Phronetic Robotics

Currently Autonomous robots replicate Turing Machine approach to problem solving. This approach is only producing behavioral machines and has not a chance to do any better. When A-robots enter our social environment we need them to think more like us so we can accept them as social entities.

We all know that behaviorist theories are defunct. So why replicate them? This paper is formulating a challenge to the AI community postulating creation of the artificial system that would operate using phronesis as it basis for decisions. We will call it a phronetic machine. Phronesis as a basis of its decision-making process uses intuition rather than stimulus-response algorithms characterizing behavioral systems and TM-based agents. Can AI create a phronetic robots and how it will look like? We ask these and other related questions in the paper.

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