The proposals for the presentations should be submitted for the anonymous review to On the separate page the author(s) should submit the full name, affiliation and a short CV (up to 150 words). The proposals should not exceed 300-400 words (including references). We accept presentations in English or in Polish.

Important dates:

Nov 30th – Deadline for abstracts.

Dec 5th    – The notifications of accepted abstracts sent out to authors.

Dec 12th  – Program finalized; Zoom contact sent out.

Dec 16-17th – Conference online (ZOOM).

The possible topics include but are not limited to:

— Non-Turing computational paradigms

— Natural Computing

— General Theory of Information – interpretations and consequences

— Ontology of information

— Epistemology and ontology of computer simulation

— Ontology of virtual reality

— Morphological computation

— Biosemiotic inspirations in artificial Autonomous Systems

— Information and Computation in autopoietic systems

— History of AI

— Explainable AI

— Ontology of AI systems

— Ontological gap in autonomous AI systems

— Philosophical foundations of AI paradigms

— Judgment and phronesis as AI paradigm?

— Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – philosophical prerequisites

— Super intelligent systems – conceptualizations

— Technology beyond the horizon – threats and possibilities

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